Customer story: musicMagpie

musicMagpie pride themselves on fantastic customer experience, with a rating of 4.7 from over 192,000 Trustpilot reviews. During extremely busy peak periods, ‘where is my order’ (WISMO) calls rose and it became more difficult for musicMagpie to keep up with the demand. But, a quick fix helped the team take back full control of the customer experience…

Second hand CD & DVD collection

musicMagpie is a leader in the re-commerce of consumer technology (including smartphones, tablets, CDs and books), with sustainability running to the very heart of its operations. The site and mobile app allow customers to easily get cash for their unwanted tech items, musicMagpie then refurbishes those products back to a good-as-new condition before reselling them on its own store as well as global marketplaces.

Areas they wanted to change

  • Lack of delivery exceptions insight for customer service teams
  • High WISMO
  • Manual processes
  • Reliance on carriers owning the customer journey

Serving the customer, and customer services

What was the driver for partnering with Sorted?

As customers become more savvy to refurbished products, musicMagpie has seen exciting growth. With more customers buying and selling than ever before, an unprecedented number of parcels were shipped by, or sent to, the musicMagpie distribution centres.

Operationally, a lot of the customer shipping experience was owned by three carriers. Tracking communications and tracking pages were therefore not sent or hosted in the musicMagpie brand, meaning brand engagement was lost to a third party at a crucial customer touchpoint.

With communications sent directly from the carriers, in-house visibility of parcel tracking data and management of delivery exceptions was limited too. Sometimes, the musicMagpie team heard about issues only when the customer contacted the customer service team, or when they manually cross-referenced orders with carrier invoices at a later date.

Ultimately, rising volumes and complex delivery operations naturally led to an increase of ‘where is my order’ enquiries. This made already busy customer service teams even busier. And when contact resolution times were at risk of slowing due to the team having to navigate insight from disparate systems and complex carrier reporting, the customer experience was at risk.

But, the agile team took decisive action to fully own the journey before the impact hit – improving the experience for both the customer and the customer service team.

Head of Customer, Jonathan Beirne, told us, “ Retaining the highest quality customer service while our business continues to grow, has always been a priority for us.”

And they did just that.

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It’s always a priority for us, that we retain the highest quality customer service while our business continues to grow.


Jonathan Beirne,
Head of Customer

Selling on musicMagpie

What Sorted solution did they use?


Automate tracking and post-purchase communications to reduce customer contacts, increase brand engagement and boost CSAT and NPS.

What’s the results?

  • 63% reduction in WISMO
  • Increased brand control over customer journey
  • Speedier resolution of customer queries, due to better reporting and insight

The solution

So, what did musicMagpie do?

“We’re always listening to customer feedback and innovating our digital channels.” said Jonathan. “By automating communications, and sending those tracking updates in our own brand, we’ve been able to strengthen the journey and allow customer queries to be resolved more effectively, while alleviating that pressure for our own teams too.”

It comes down to giving customers, and customer service agents, the answers and insight they need; when and where they want it. Something musicMagpie nailed.

Track is in place on the trade-in side of the business (that being the ‘return journey’ on the customer trade-in service), where WISMO tickets used to make up around 40% of calls. Now, WISMO makes up just 15% of calls.

This is largely down to the introduction of branded, proactive parcel updates, as customers are sent accurate and timely comms to keep them informed of delivery/returns status. musicMagpie are mitigating the need for customers to get in touch, as they can self-serve their queries in a way that is convenient to them.

But, in the instances where customers do get in touch with questions, agents are armed with the insight they need to respond in a quicker and more efficient way; with a dashboard putting delivery tracking and exceptions info, from multiple carriers, in one place.

Second hand book collection

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Our partnership with Sorted has been extremely valuable in helping us navigate the challenges we face as a growing online business.


Jonathan Beirne,
Head of Customer

Winning customer experience

What does the future hold?

A huge 63% reduction in WISMO means that customer experience is protected, especially during busy peak periods.

musicMagpie is the biggest global third-party seller in the history of Amazon Marketplace and the biggest global seller in the history of eBay, based on feedback. It’s clear that the team are always striving to serve customers with a 5-star experience, so work never ends to constantly innovate and improve at musicMagpie.

“Our partnership with Sorted has been extremely valuable in helping us navigate the challenges we face as a growing online business.” Jonathan told us.

“We’re really looking forward to rolling Track out further to other areas of the business, and growing together.”

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